Friday, January 7, 2011

The Effects Of Irresponsible Behaviour Of Humanity Towards Mother Nature & Other Living Organisms

 There are many types of pollution which are slowly destructing our earth such as water, sound, visual, air and land pollution. All types of pollution are bad for us and also to the environment. According to various scientists and academics, the higher the pollution rate, the more the damages that will be generated in our own homeland, which is our earth. All this while, we have never thought about the future that will affect all living and non-living organisms in the earth, due to our actions. There are many effects that we would have to face in the future.
      The first effect that would be affecting us is the shortage of food. Rivers and seas are one of the main natural resources of food for humans. Some types of food that are the sources of food for humans are seafood like fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters, sharks and much more. Polluted rivers and seas that are caused by irresponsible humans will reduce the amount of animals in water. The pollutants release unwanted chemicals which promote the growth of algae. This causes the surface of the water to be covered, which will restrict the breathing of animals, resulting in the annihilation of those aquatic creatures.
      Apart from that, pollution also compromises the quality of green vegetables grown. It is because of the polluted water that is used to water the green vegetables may consist of a concoction of certain chemicals that will affect the growth of the green vegetables.
      The next effect is the loss of our precious flora and fauna. Sadly, our future generations will be deprived of the opportunity of getting to know animals and plants which have become extinct due to the actions of mankind. They will not be able to see animals like the Dodo. Due to the extreme hunting done by hunters, the Dodo is no longer visible in the earth. Based on a research done by most of the scientist, predictions have been made that the orangutans will be extinct by the year of 2020 and the tigers will be extinct at the year of 2030.
      Moreover, the amount of money wasted to overcome the mayhems caused by pollution is the another effect of irresponsible behaviour of humans. A lot of capital, in the form of money and people’s time is dedicated by the authorities exclusively to tackle pollution related problems. For an example, heaps and heaps of money is needed to be paid for widening the drains to stop flash floods caused by rubbish which clog the drains. Instead of spending excessive time and money solving pollution issues, the money and time could be utilized for better purposes like developing the society.
      Furthermore, pollution such as air pollution may cause discomfort to the asthma and bronchitis patients. The smoke released by the factories contains carbon monoxide which seriously harms the lungs of an individual, hence affecting the respiratory process of a human and that will cause various types of sickness. The chemicals in polluted water may cause diarrhea and other serious sickness.
      Pollution also affects the quality of life of the citizens. Even an untidy, dirty person hates living in an environment surrounded by pollutions because it causes many affects that may even change an individual’s attitude. For an example, a boy whom is a clean and tidy person changes to an untidy and dirty person because he realized that neither of his friends are being that clean and tidy. He feels awkward to maintain this attitude so he changes to be more untidy and dirty.
      It is hoped that humans start to realise the effects of polluting so that they can start to restrict themselves from polluting our environment. If humans start to realise this soon, then there would be a hope so that our beautiful environment remains preserved for our upcoming generations. 
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Dahmendra Sriskanda